Download Solar World Time: App Store; Google Play

Lightweight, without unnecessary features, and extremely stable, Solar World Time is an excellent little time zone app that can help anyone looking for a world time app with widget support.

Mobile app stores are filled to the brim with all kinds of free and paid apps and games. You can find virtually anything you need for your mobile device but as it usually goes some specific apps are quite hard to find. Or better to say, when it comes to narrowly specific features app stores’ offering can be pretty poor. One of those narrowly specific features is world time and while there are lots of apps (mostly weather apps) packing the feature along with dozens other features, finding a specialized world time app is hard.

If you want to have a slim, responsive, and stable world time app that doesn’t try to shove dozens of unnecessary features trying with its heart out to be jack of all trades (and ending being just stuffed with fad features that have little to zero usefulness) well, you’re going to have a bad time. And even if you find one that ticks most boxes chances are you will be drowned in ads the minute you discover a small and stable app. So, what to do? Well, just download Solar World Time, a world time app that does just that and nothing else.


Once you open Solar World Time you will discover that this app isn’t stuffed with features. In fact, Solar World Time is extremely minimalistic. You have a world map divided into daytime and nighttime, your current city (based on your location) placed below the map and that’s pretty much it. No extra elements, no eye candy, not a trace of ads, and no unnecessary features. You can add new cities to the list by tapping on settings and this is the only option found there. The list supports up to 8 cities and there isn’t an option to pick 12 or 24-hour format which really is a shame. (Update: there actually is the option for hour format, located under display options in settings. Also, developers noted that future updates will expand the city list to 10 or 12, which is great news) But when it comes to usability Solar World Time rocks. The app works excellent, without any hiccup. I didn’t found any bug and the app didn’t freeze a single time for a period of about five days I spent testing it.

There’s just one widget option that comes both with the daylight world map and your city list. It updates automatically when it comes to world time but you have to tap on the update button in order for the daylight map to update, which could be improved (a known bug which should be addressed in future updates). Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with Solar World Time. It works great, it is lightweight and minimalistic and does just what it promises. In today’s world of false advertising and massive usage of in-app ads, Solar World Time is a breath of fresh air. We just hope that the app will become updated with some extra options that won’t add new features but will instead refine existing ones. But we hope the app doesn’t add ads in the future because add free experience is one of the strongest points of Solar World Time.

Firstly, it would be nice to be able to add more than 8 cities to your list. Next, the world daylight map could be clickable, showing cities from your list in landscape more once clicked on. We would also like to see a faster way to add cities (add city button could be placed on the app’s home screen, eliminating extra steps in setting up new cities), and the choice between 12 and 24-hour format. And the last thing Solar World Time needs are multiple widgets. One smaller one (that doesn’t take 4X4 grid) with your city list and a larger one with a clickable world map. Those options would refine experience even more and make Solar World Time even better.

In its current state the app is still an excellent choice for everyone who needs a lightweight world clock app that just works and that offers ad-free experience. Small, stable, with clear value, it’s great. If you have relatives abroad, frequently travel, doing business with partners on multiple continents, or just want to have a world clock app without any shovelware definitely check out Solar World Time.